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IT Relocation

it relocation

Relocating your IT equipment can be nothing short of a nightmare. There is so much to consider, and arrangements have to be made to ensure the safe delivery and reinstallation of expensive computers and electronic hardware.

Leon Tech Group offer full IT relocation services to make the whole process safe and easy. We ensure a smooth transition to your new office space, can plan and arrange your new IT infrastructure, arrange the new workspace, and reconnect and reinstall the equipment at the other end. We can even provide post-move support.

IT Relocation Services

With our IT relocation services, you really don't have to worry about a thing.

We can pack and transport IT equipment with the greatest of care and full assurance, plan and prepare the new infrastructure before you even move, and can work with trusted partners such as internet providers, electricians, and fit-in companies, to make sure all aspects of your relocation are fully taken care of.

Our IT relocation services include:


Benefits Of IT Relocation Services

Our IT relocation services take all of the pressure off your company, allowing you to focus on re-establishing your business on the other side. The benefits of using our relocation services include:

Why Choose Leon Tech Group

Leon Tech Group are fully qualified, experienced, and insured. We provide complete IT relocation services that offer you complete ease and peace of mind. If you require additional services, we work closely with trusted 3rd party companies, all under our complete service.

Leon Tech Group are highly professional in the way we conduct our IT relocation, and guarantee minimal disruption to your business. On top of all this, we ensure our prices are always kept to the lowest possible.

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